Upper King Street Tabbed as 8th Best Food Neighborhood in America

Credit: Art Meripol

Credit: Art Meripol

The Upper King Street section of downtown Charleston was recently chosen as the 8th Best Food Neighborhood in America by Thrillist, a men’s lifestyle website.

The blog had the following to say about the area:

You’ll find a once-college-bar-focused area now teeming with amazing restaurants and bars, from the incredible oysters and razor clams at The Ordinary to the Track Burger (get cheese) and Aviation cocktail at The Rarebit to freaking grouper bologna at The Macintosh, plus all the cocktails at Proof, and that is just starting to scratch the fried green tomato-covered surface.

The Top 18 listing was created by considering two major factors - culinary history and "what’s happening now." You can see the entire list here.

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