The Limehouse Citrus Celebration is Back to Brighten Your Winter


The Cocktail Club's "Dope Clement the First" (Credit: Limehouse Produce)

During these brisk winter months, Limehouse Produce will once brighten the Holy City by teaming with local bars and restaurants for the 2015 Citrus Celebration.

From now until February 22nd, area restaurants will use the company's produce to create citrus-based drinks and dishes. After sampling some of the offerings, patrons can go online and vote for their favorite. A panel of judges will visit the top five places from each category and select a winner as well. The online votes and the live judges' choices will then be compiled and a winner for "Best Citrus Dish" and "Best Citrus Drink" will be chosen.

The Restaurants, bars, chefs, and mixologists that will be participating include:


  • Kelly Kleisner of Oak Steakhouse and The Macintosh: Lemon Meringue Cake
  • Andrea Upchurch of Hospitality Management Group Inc.: Citrus Creamsicle-- Lemon Chiffon Cake, Blood Orange Champagne Mousseline, Kiwi Ice Cream, Candied Kumquat, Grand Marnier caviar, Citrus Supremes
  • Forrest Parker of Old Village Post House: Lemon Trifle
  • Bryan Cates of Basico: Citrus, Radish, Pistachio and Amberjack Crudo
  • Jeremiah Bacon of The Macintosh: Sautéed Scallops, Sunchokes, Brussels Sprout Leaves, Fennel, Blood Orange
  • Vinson Petrillo of Zero George Street: Sweetbreads in the Style of “Orange Sesame”
  • High Cotton: Blood Orange Crème Brule


  • Johnny Caldwell of The Cocktail Bandits: Reverse Sweat Tea
  • Justin Edgar of Zero George: All Up in Your Sweetie
  • Corey Taylor of Indaco: Indaco Aperol Spritz
  • Xan McLaughlin of Park Café: The Regal Beagle
  • Jayce McConnell of Edmund’s Oast: The Anejo Age
  • Slightly North of Broad: Spicy Blood Orange Margarita
  • Mae Jordan of Lee Lee’s Hot Kitchen: The Ginger-lee
  • Jeremiah Schenzel of The Cocktail Club: Dope Clement the First
  • Wayne Sullivan, The Republic: Paradise Grove
  • Mark Severs, Circa 1886: Battery Breeze
  • Cullen Wyatt, The Macintosh: A Melo Smoke and The Daniel Larusso

For pictures and recipes of each, visit Limehouse Produce’s website.

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