Prohibition to host a Six-Course Oskar Blues Beer Dinner

prohibitionProhibition is ready to host its second beer dinner of 2015, and this time the downtown restaurant is teaming with the Oskar Blues Brewery. The six-course dinner will be held on Tuesday, February 10th at 6 pm.

Here's a look at the evening's menu

  • 1st Course
    • ICEY PA (Wheat IPA Specialty - Only made once a year)
    • Steam Bun - Braised 5-spice Pork Belly, Pickled Carrot, Cucumber and Cilantro, finished with Sambal Aioli and ICEY PA Honey Foam.
  • 2nd Course
    • Dale’s Pale Ale
    • Alligator Porcupine Meatballs - Gator mixed with Cilantro, Water Chestnuts, Ginger, Carrot and Long Grain Rice, finished with Dale’s Pale Ale-Soy glaze
  • 3rd Course
    • Old Chub Tranny Annie (RARE SPECIALTY BEER - Will never be made again)
    • Ramen- Local Braised Duck, Old ChubLemon Grass Broth, and Beech Mushrooms. finished with a Fresh Herbs and Cured Duck Yolk
  • 4th Course
    • Pinner IPA
    • Rabbit Fried Rice - Crispy Local Rabbit Loin stuffed with Manchego cheese and Pickled Peppers
    • Served over Ginger Fried Rice and Finished with fried egg and a Pinner IPA Sake Reduction
  • 5th Course
    • Mama’s Lil Pils
    • Lamb Chili Verde - Lamb Meatball, Mama’s Lil Pils-Tomatillo Broth, Local Smoked Gouda Grits, finished with Manchego cheese and a Sunny Duck Egg
  • 6th Course
    • 10-50 Imperial Stout
    • Korean Pancakes - Homemade Chewy Pancakes, 10-50 Ice Cream, and 100% Maple Syrup Caviar

Cost is $60 per person and includes tax, gratuity, food, and beer. Tickets can be purchased here.         

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