New Winter Menu Now Available at Fish



Chef Nico Romo recently debuted his new winter menu at Fish restaurant on Upper King Street.

Some of the additions include:

  • Dim Sum (four for $12)
    • Quail Egg with Reblochon, bacon and crozets
    • Tempura Fried Crawfish with ginger aioli
    • Pork Belly Fried Steam Bun
    • Lobster Roll with ginger aioli
    • Gougère filled with truffle Emmental
  • Petite Plates
    • Duck Merguez Dumplings with kimch’i and sweet chili demi ($9)
    • Quenelle with crawfish sauce Nantua ($10)
    • Curry Crab Soup with peppers, celery, onions and steam bun ($7)
    • Blackbird Farm Salad with goat cheese spring roll and Thai citrus vinaigrette ($9)
  • Large Plates
    • Lobster Tail with butternut squash dumpling, sunchokes & Romanesco and miso foie gras beurre blanc ($29)
    • Tempura Fried Quail and Butternut Squash Waffles with Brussels sprouts & Asian pear, toasted chestnuts and sweet & sour blood orange glaze ($24)
    • Chicken Cordon Bleu with sage confit potatoes, mushrooms & kale and cognac chicken jus ($26)
    • Bouillabaisse with clams, mussels, shrimp, fish, bok choy, peppers, noodles, coconut broth, baguette and red pepper aioli ($22)
    • Vermillion Snapper with celery root & potato gratin, Brussels sprouts & Asian pear and crawfish sauce Nantua ($26)
  • Sides
    • Jasmine Rice with coconut milk & green peas ($5)
    • Bacon Fries with Sriracha ketchup ($6)
    • Waffles with sweet & sour blood orange glaze ($5)
    • Baked Buckwheat Crozets with béchamel, peas, bacon and Reblochon ($6)
    • Sweet & Sour cauliflower and rainbow carrots ($5)
    • Steamed Dumplings with butternut squash, candied ginger and sage brown butter ($6)
    • Oyster & Crimini Mushrooms ($5)
  • Dessert
    • Orange Custard with cinnamon toast crust, vanilla poached oranges and spiced milk chocolate ganache ($7)
    • Chocolate Caramel Tart with chocolate glaze, cocoa hazelnut lace and buttermilk ice cream ($8)
    • Dim Sum with ice cream sandwich, chocolate crèmeux, butterscotch bread pudding, and banana and toffee spring roll ($9)
    • Bao Buns filled with coconut jam and frangipane with chocolate stout sauce ($7)

 For more information, visit Fish's official website.


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