28 Days You Say? reForm Studios Offering the TakeDown Challenge

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

By: Stephanie Coccaro

1500 people can’t be wrong, y’all. Listen, there is a new wave in weight loss, and it’s not eating birdseed and climbing endless flights of stairs on a Stairmaster. It’s called the TakeDown Challenge™ and it’s growing, as you shrink. Beginning on May 15th, Park Circle's reForm Studios will be offering this 28-day program.

Katrina Cobb, the owner of reform Studios, is excited about the program and says the community is equally as thrilled. This is not the only program like this out there, it’s just the one that Cobb feels works the best. Also to offer programs like this, you need to be certified by the state to offer it, and Cobb states that she is the first in South Carolina to get that certification.

According to Cobb, there’s two reasons this new approach works:

  1. The participants are getting better results faster than with any other nutrition program
  2. The people who participate in this program learn while they are in it, which means they can apply these skills in the wild, not just in the program - therefore they will stick with it.

Challengers are asked to donate a penny and a nickel to a local charity for every inch they lose. And who does that help, you may ask? Pet Helpers! So really this is a win-win.

People of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. So if you’re down with getting’ down with your skinny self and helping out some puppies and kittens in the process, get more information here.


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