HuffPo Says Eli's Table Has the "Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich in America"

elistableRecently, a Huffington Post blogger went on a quest to find the best grilled cheese in America and there journey concluded right here in the Holy City. The writer,  chose Eli's Table as having the greatest grilled cheese in the U.S.

Here's what Fraser had to say about Executive Chef Joel Lucas's dish:

When the sandwich arrived it was perfect - melted cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil enfolded in buttery well-toasted sourdough. The tomatoes actually had flavor - I guess I'd been in the Midwest too long and forgotten how rich and sweet good tomatoes were. I inhaled the sandwich and the onion rings and decided that chef Lucas moved onto my best-grilled cheese sandwich list of all time.

You can see the entire post here. You can see a (small) picture of the grilled cheese here.

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