Ravenel Bridge Facing Shutdowns After Accident

According to the Charleston Police Department's Twitter account, the Northbound lanes of the Ravenel Bridge will remain CLOSED until approximately 4 pm. The closure was prompted after a tractor trailer truck was involved in an accident and spilled some fuel on the road.

The remaining fuel has to be transferred to an empty tanker truck. The entire bridge will be shutdown during that transfer due to its hazardous nature.


12:21 pm: The Charleston Police Department tweeted that the entire bridge was about to be closed.

3:44 pm: The Charleston Police Department tweeted that the bridge would be closed for "at least" several more hours.

6:23 pm: CPD tweeted that the diesel fuel transfer was complete, but gave no ETA on when the truck would be removed or when the bridge would reopen.

6:34 pm: The sedan that was stuck underneath truck has been removed.

6:56 pm: The truck is being towed off the bridge, but clean-up continues.

7:21 pm: Southbound lanes are now open. Northbound still closed.

7:49 pm: All lanes are back open.

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