Pray For Charleston

On the eve of the 8th Anniversary of the Charleston Sofa Super Store Fire that claimed the lives of nine firemen, the Holy City was dealt a devastating and unfathomable blow. Nine people were shot and killed at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church at 110 Calhoun Street.

In the face of a tragedy like this, it's hard to find the proper words. Here are some of my thoughts as I attempt to get some sleep tonight:

1. I cannot even fathom what survivors and the families and friends of those injured or killed are going through. Know the city is behind you.

2. Prayers to first responders, the police, and other emergency officials. The city is confident you will find the suspect and do an amazing job.

3. Great job by the local media tonight. Got the details right and reported the right way. Well done.

4. Remember tonight's actions were done by ONE person. This is not the norm for Charleston.

5. If you have ANY info about the suspect, please get in contact with the police ASAP. Tip line is 843-529-3750

And finally...

I love this city. I love all of you. I believe in this city and its residents. One person will not define us. Let's work together to get through this and find the suspect. Let's show the nation what the Holy City really is.

Pray for the Victims. Pray for Peace. Pray for Charleston.


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