#CharlestonStrong Stickers Now Available

charlestonstrongI recently ordered some "#CharlestonStrong" stickers that are now available for purchase.

They are $3 each and ALL of the proceeds will go the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund, which provides direct financial support for the funeral and burial expenses of the nine victims of the June 17th shooting.

Deciding on the best way to sell these was difficult. Many e-commerce sites charge a per transaction AND have a monthly fee, which would not have been beneficial. After looking around, it seemed the easiest and most efficient way to sell was through eBay. It has the least amount of extra fees (which I will pay out of pocket).

I put half of the first order up there and we'll see how it goes.For those who don't use eBay, we can try to figure something out afterwards.

Click here to purchase!


  1. Kathy Asbury 2 July, 2015 at 01:20 Reply

    We are selling the bracelets at the Griffon. If you’re wanting to bring us some, we could sell those for you. Of course, I’d have to run it by Dan and Scott, but I feel certain they wouldn’t mind. Let me know. Or I can pick them up and give you the $. Think about it and let me know. I’ve got a few other places that would love to sell them as well. Hair salons, Charleston T-shirt Company (they have Charleston Strong shirts) and a few more places. Get in touch. I would like to help! Kathy Asbury.

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