Hipstory Of Yelp Review

hipstoryofyelpThis past Saturday was Yelp Charleston's "Hipstory Of Yelp" party at the Charleston Museum. It was my first time attending an event hosted by Yelp Charleston, but it certainly will not be my last.

First of all, the event was completely FREE to attend. Sure, you were encouraged to donate to the Museum's National History Exhibit fund, but you definitely got your money's worth.

Attendees were able to enjoy free beer, cocktails, snacks, live entertainment, and more. Highlights included sandwiches from Persimmon Cafe, carnitos tacos from Carmen y Juan's, and ice cream from Republic Ice Cream. Those who are part of the Yelp Elites, were able to enjoy a VIP lounge with Benny's pizzas and desserts.

Many of the party-goers happily participated in the event's theme and arrived in hipster-garb. This made for an event more memorable event. People were more than happy to visit the Photo booth or pose for pictures with other attendees throughout the party.

The party was pretty well attended, but with free food, drinks, and entertainment, word is getting out - Yelp Charleston's events are the place to be.

Check out photos on the group's Facebook event page or view pictures from the "Smile Lounge Photo booth" here.

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