Death of Paris Release Music Video for "Give + Take"

South Carolina pop-rock band Death of Paris recently released a brand new music video for the single "Give + Take."

The song is the first track on the group's GOSSIP EP, which you can download here. You can see the video below! Oh, and feel free to sing along, as the band has provided the lyrics:

You should know better than to mess with me. I don't forgive that easily. Stand tall, ignore your faults. You'll do fine, right...If you got it, then flaunt it, but baby, you never had it. Nothing to do, nothing to prove. I'm so over this, and over you. First place was never meant for two. I took your heart, I fixed it up. Oh, you've lost touch? Sorry that's your luck. You took your shot -- you threw it away. Nothing to say 'cause I give and I give and I give and you take. They say "ignorance, oh it's bliss." I got something you shouldn't miss.


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