New Line of Locally-Made & Eco-Friendly Surf Wax Now Available

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

Viscid Surf, a company based out of Johns Island, recently launched a brand new line of organic, hand-poured surf waxes available exclusively online.  

The company's owner, Kevin Schmoll, noticed that the majority of surf waxes were petroleum-based, so he set out to create a product that was more environmentally friendly. His business now offers four different waxes that meet that exact goal.

Viscid Surf sells the following waxes: Base, Cold Water, Warm Water, and Tropical Water. The products range from soft to hard wax stickiness for use in various water temperatures. The entire line is non-toxic and biodegradable.

A three pack of each sells for $6 and is wrapped in packaging made from recycled paper. 

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