Boone Hall Fright Nights Features Four Terrifying Attractions

UntitledIt's not quite October, but Boone Hall's "Fright Nights" is already scaring the bejeezus out of locals and visitors alike.

This year, the annual event includes four separate terrifying attractions:

  • Horror High
    • "An institute for horror learning that will give you a complete education in terror...The teachers at Horror High are accredited with forms of corporal punishment that are completely mid-evil; and the other students are encouraged to torment each other to the brink of insanity."
  • Blackout
    • "Here you will experience what it is like to be trapped in total darkness with only enough light for you catch glimpses of the creatures that use the dark to stalk their victims, waiting for the perfect opportunity to.... well you will see."
  • Wicked Woods Hayride
    • "Fright Nights will once again open the section of woods at Boone Hall Plantation that is kept off limits the rest of the year due to the unspeakable horrors that exist in them...This year, the terror that awaits is stronger and more intense than any year previous"
  • Zombie Town - Infested
    • "It is back, the most talked about attraction at Fright Nights, Zombie Town: and now it has become completely infested with the undead. This year the brave who dare to enter the town, will venture into buildings that have been previously closed to the public as you make your way down main street. However, there are zombies everywhere and trying to escape them may prove to be futile."

Fright Nights is open from dark to midnight on Friday and Saturdays and from dark to 10 pm on Sunday and weekdays.

Tickets can be purchased here, while all the spooky details can be found here. Also, be sure to watch the event's preview video below:

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