Disco Teepee Talks about The Sunless Sea

The_Sunless_seaMy buddy over at Disco Teepee put together this short piece about The Sunless Sea, a local group that released the No Ghost EP earlier this year:

"There are so many reasons to love Charleston's music scene, you can experience a number of local artists at any time. It's ever-changing and you can always find a genre that fits your musical taste. For those palettes that crave indie-rock with dashes of sonic touches, then may I suggest sampling The Sunless Sea.

Witte Crosby, the man behind the sunless curtain, debuts his first EP, No Ghosts. This six course musical spread, gives you a taste of Crosby's musical talents never leaving you unsatisfied.

The album brings some heavy street cred with producers like Manny Sanchez, known for his work with Fall Out Boy. Overall, No Ghosts, is appealing to the ears and the soul. Make sure to listen to "Void" , definitely my fave tune on the EP."

You can stream the entire EP here. You can learn more about the band on Facebook.

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