Fledgling Cat Cafe to Host Kickstarter Launch Party at The Alley

12190863_1640597052881578_4872032218440047485_nKittehs!!!! Now this is a party you should RSVP to right meow!

On Monday, February 29th, Pounce Cat Cafe + Wine Bar will host a Kickstarter Launch Party at The Alley starting at 6 pm. The business, which is eyeing a summer opening, would be the South's first cat cafe.

So, let's answer the most obvious question first - what exactly is a cat cafe? Well, it's a typical café that serves coffees, teas, etc., but whose main attraction is cats that can be played with and watched. Plus, Pounce Cat Cafe + Wine Bar recently announced that all of their kittens will be provided by the Charleston Animal Society and can be adopted.

For more details on their Kickstart Launch Party, click here. To learn more about the business, check out their official website.

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