Three Sea Turtles to Be Released Friday



One of the Holy City's most unique events will be held on Friday at 10 am. That's when the South Carolina Aquarium's Sea Turtle Rescue Program will hold its latest sea turtle release at the Isle of Palms County Park.

As usual, the public is invited to attend the event. Although viewing the release is free, attendees should plan to pay for parking.

This time around, three different sea turtles will be returned to the ocean. Their release will mark 198 threatened and endangered sea turtles that have been rehabilitated and released by the Sea Turtle Rescue Program. Here's a look at each (click on their names to learn more):

  • Cherry

    • A juvenile Kemp's ridley
    • Found by recreational fishermen off of Cherry Grove Pier
    • Had swallowed a hook and needed surgery
  • Grace (picture on the right)

    • Juvenile green sea turtle
    • Was found found floating and minimally responsive in the Intracoastal Waterway in Awendaw
    • Treated for hypothermia at the New England Aquarium before being transferred to the SC Aquarium
  • Swash
    • Juvenile green sea turtle
    • Found in Myrtle Beach State Park
    • Was minimally responsive

To learn more about the South Carolina Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital and Rescue Program, visit their official website. If interested, you can donate to the hospital via the Aquarium’s donation page.

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