492: Josh Keeler Replaces Executive Chef Nate Whiting

492The Relish Group announced today that Nate Whiting is stepping down as Executive Chef of 492, effective immediately. Chef Josh Keeler, formerly of Two Boroughs Larder, will step into the vacated role.

"I have enjoyed working with this team for many years and I appreciate the opportunities that they have afforded me, but I am also looking forward to new opportunities and time with my family," Chef Whiting said via an e-mail.

On Monday, September 19th, Chef Keeler will move into the position of Executive Chef at 492. After a transitional period, the menu is expected to shift to better reflect Chef Keeler’s cuisine.

“I’m thrilled to be coming into this gorgeous restaurant and having the opportunity to focus on my true passion, cooking,” Keeler, a graduate of the New England Culinary School, said.

Keeler's former restaurant, Two Boroughs Larder, closed earlier this year.

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