Glass Onion Celebrates "Goatober" with Special Dinner on October 26th

cp161012On Wednesday, October 26th, Chef Chris Stewart and the culinary team at Glass Onion will once again celebrate "Goatober" with a special dinner menu. In addition to the regular daily menu, there will be a special 3-for-$25 dinner option that includes items featuring goat from Saint Stephen's Wildhaven Ranch.

"Goatober" is celebrated in October as a way to get consumers to eat more heritage goats. Why? Here's a quick explanation from a press release: "In order to make cheese, goats produce milk, and to make goat milk, a female goat has to have babies. The end result of this production is goat dairies having an excess of goats that are often sold into the commodity market or killed at birth."

Reservations for Glass Onion's dinner are now accepted - and highly recommended - by visiting RESY or calling 843-225-1717.

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