Watch Divers at the SC Aquarium Carve Pumpkins....Underwater!


Credit: South Carolina Aquarium (Provided)

If you're like me, carving a pumpkin in the comfort of your own home is hard enough, so could you imagine doing the same task under 30 feet of water with sharks swimming you?!

That’s exactly what divers at the South Carolina Aquarium did on Friday, October 21st as part of the attraction's annual underwater pumpkin carving competition. Six divers carved sea-inspired designs into the pumpkins while submerged in the deepest tank in North America, the Aquarium’s Great Ocean Tank.

You can watch a video of the feat below, but if you prefer to see the action in person, the divers will be back on the tank to carve pumpkins on Friday, October 28th at 11 am. The demonstration is included with regular Aquarium admission. Visit the official website for more information.


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