Two Local Businesses Honored in 7th Annual “Made in the South” Awards

Credit: Swurfer (Facebook)

Credit: Swurfer (Facebook)

Two Charleston businesses were recently included in Garden & Gun's 7th Annual “Made in the South” Awards, which honor Southern artisans in five different categories.

Carson & Co. was the big winner with top honors in the "Style" category, while Swurfer, a local company that makes handcrafted "swingboards," was named runner-up in the "Outdoors" category.

Susan Carson, who heads Carson & Co., designs multiple products, but her business was recognized by Garden & Gun for her "colorful made-to-measure skirts."

Swurfer earned the runner-up award in the "Outdoors" category for their unique tree swings. The magazine had the following to say about the product: "The hand-formed, -sanded, and -finished maple “swingboards” feel comfortable enough for a classic playground back-and-forth, but stand up on the curved seat and the well-placed handles allow you to carve the air like a kiteboarder."

You can see the entire list of Made in the South winners here. For more on each of the local companies, visit their official websites:

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