The Crabpot Players Return to Their Roots at The Windjammer

This January, The Crabpot Players will return to The Windjammer to perform the play “The Last Meeting of the Nights of the White Magnolia.” The Isle of Palms venue was the group's original home.

Under the leadership of Founder and Artistic Director Jimmy Ward, The Crabpot Players, will perform the play from January 10th to 12th and then from January 16th to 19th. Doors open at 6:30 pm each night with the shows starting at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $10 if purchased in advance and can be bought at the Windjammer or on their website www.the-windjammer.com.

Here's what The Crabpot Players had to say about “The Last Meeting of the Nights of the White Magnolia”:

"Join a cast of professional actors and local residents as they lead the audience through a meeting at the Cattleman’s Hotel where Bradleyville’s ‘good ole boys’ meet to carry on a tradition of patriotism and racial purity. In reality, the meetings are just an opportunity for the members to play dominoes and enjoy re-freshments in the form of Bourbon. This particular meeting is special as the club is initiating a new member for the first time in years and will attempt to resurrect their hilarious sacred initiation rite."

Visit the group's Facebook event page for more information.


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