Charleston Named One of the Best Cities for Retirement

A personal finance website says Charleston is one of the best cities for retirement in the United States.

GetRichSlowly compared 113 major U.S. cities and evaluated them on the following criteria: personal safety, low property taxes, an affordable cost of living, and a moderate climate. Using this methodology, the Holy City checked in at No. 8 on the list.

The website had the following to say about Charleston's place on the list:

"Statistically, what stands out about Charleston for retirees are its low crime rate coupled with South Carolina’s generally low property taxes. Be advised though that despite those low taxes the overall cost of living in Charleston is a little higher than in most of the cities studied."

Norman, Oklahoma topped the list, while Raleigh, North Carolina ranked second.

You can see the full rankings, analysis, and methodology here.

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