College of Charleston Launches CofCMOJIs

About a  month ago, an iPhone operating system update took away one of the College of Charleston's favorite emojis - a maroon paw print. The update changed the emoji to a neutral black color on all iOS devices.

So, how could the school and its students appropriately show their Cougar Pride via emoji? The College pounced on the opportunity and recently created CofCMOJI, an entire keyboard, dedicated to Charleston and CofC.

CofCMOJI launched this past weekend and is available on both iOS and Android devices. Students, alums, and fans are now able to share Clyde faces, sports GIFs, campus icons, and more.

The keyboard has five different categories featuring dozens of unique stickers, and the College has big plans to roll out some new artwork on a regular basis.

To download CofCMOJI, click here.

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