La Morra Hosts All-Star Finale at Lewis Barbecue

Before heading west to Los Angeles, La Morra Pizzeria is throwing an all-star grand finale party at Lewis Barbecue on Sunday, May 28th at 4:30 pm.

Owners Zach Swemle and Marlee Blodgett have invited some of the chefs they've partnered Charleston to mark the occasion. Attendees will be able to see pizzas created by John Lewis (Lewis Barbecue, Juan Luis), Mike Lata (FIG, The Ordinary), Michael Toscano (Le Farfalle), Shuai Wang (Short Grain), and Robert Berry (Pancito & Lefty).

The team from Graft, a soon-to-be-opened wine shop, will be pouring wines at the event. As usual, Lewis Barbecue will have beers and agua frescas available at the bar.

The party takes place on the patio. Lewis Barbecue is located at 464 N Nassau Street.

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