New "Major Network Food Show" Casting in South Carolina

A New York-based casting company is searching South Carolina for the perfect person to star in a new "major network food show." Could you be that person?

Details on the new show are hush-hush, but Twins Talent provided the following information on the casting process:

"Looking for fabulous people involved in FOOD or CULINARY related businesses, or even just over-the-top food passionate, who live in SOUTH CAROLINA and have always dreamed of having their own show! Whether you are in a small town or one of the major cities we want to hear from you!

Whether you're a chef, food developer, restaurateur, baker, farmer, hunter, butcher, food truck owner, fisherman, food/culinary manufacturer, culinary instructor, foodie, food blogger, food tester, food taster or own an event or catering company, if you think you and your food related lifestyle or business would be great for a show,  NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

WE WELCOME SINGLES, GROUPS, FRIENDS, FAMILY OWNED BUSINESSES or individuals to apply! If you have friends in the South Carolina food/culinary scene, please forward this on. If you want to nominate someone, do it!

Please Email: [email protected]

Include your full name, telephone number, city you live, details about your interesting business and life (please be as detailed as possible),  website (if available), history of business or how it started, how many employees, if any and why you personally would be a great fit for any food show."

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