Local Law Firm Launches Free “Insurance Detective” Program

Attorney Bill Green wants to keep your family safe with some insurance Spring Cleaning! When accidents happen, many people rely on insurance policies to keep them protected and to make sure medical bills are paid. However, sometimes, insurance falls short of what people believe it promises. Instead, it leaves unsuspecting families in the lurch when they need help the most. Even worse, accidents often force everyday people to protect themselves from the predatory tactics of deceptive claimants. Green Law Firm is pleased to launch Insurance Detective program. This initiative aims to protect unsuspecting individuals and to make them aware of how insurance would leave them vulnerable and unprepared in the event of an emergency. There is no cost to take advantage of this neighborhood-friendly service; the Insurance Detective is offered for free.

This Spring, members of the community are invited to have their home, auto, and renters insurance policies reviewed by an unofficial “Insurance Detective” on the Green Law Firm team for free. Policies will be examined to uncover mysteries and gaps in coverage that could leave people vulnerable, and without the help, they need after an accident occurs.

“Most people don’t actually know what their homeowner's insurance covers,” explains attorney Bill Green. “They get a policy, sign it and stick it in a drawer without thinking.  They know about ‘big stuff’ like fire but haven’t considered dangers like mold, sinkholes, termites, dog attacks, or protecting fine art and jewelry. It’s oversights like this that can cost people tens of thousands of dollars when insurance coverage fails them.”  A recent study by Consumer Reports shares that 10% of people incurring large-scale damage were left dissatisfied with their insurance company. Approximately the same percent of individuals were also reported to have switched their homeowner's insurance within the recent three year period. “If people were truly empowered to understand their insurance policies, they could probably receive better coverage and rates by speaking up from an educated perspective,” explains Green. “We want to help people get the best coverage by arming them with information.”

Green Law Firm has been serving South Carolina residents with personal injury law services for over 20 years. Recently, Bill Green has established himself as a “community watchdog,” making everyday people aware of the dangers on the road, in their cars and their home. In specific, his coverage of the ongoing Takata Airbag Recall, potentially affecting 42 million vehicles worldwide has received attention and caused countless individuals to participate in the auto recall to keep cars safe on the road.

“Green Law Firm is fiercely committed to protecting its neighbors. We’re happy to shed light on dangers that can really make a difference in the daily life of families and working people. The best kind of attorney is the one you never need,” says Green. “But when you do need an attorney, we’re here to help.”

Green Law Firms’ Insurance Detective program is offered at no cost to residents of South Carolina. To participate, individuals may sign up online at https://billgreen.law/free-insurance-review to set an appointment. People are also encouraged to interact with the Insurance Detective and connect with Green Law Firm on Facebook and Twitter.


Editor's note - this was an unedited press release

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