Cuban Gypsy Pantry to Open Permanent Downtown Location

The Cuban Gypsy Pantry is the latest local food truck making the transition from mobile eatery to brick-and-mortar restaurant. Chef Will Vivas told Holy City Sinner that he expects to open a permanent location at 141 Calhoun Street by mid-July. Avila, another food truck-turned-restaurant, was previously at that address.

Vivas said he and his team will continue to operate both the truck and restaurant for the foreseeable future. The truck will maintain the same menu, but additional food options will be available at the restaurant.

According to Vivas, the downtown location will feature more traditional entrees and a "little more upscale" food options for dinner. They will also serve beer and wine.

To see the food truck's current menu, visit http://www.cubangypsypantry.com/.


  1. Rico Rivera 6 July, 2017 at 14:17 Reply

    I was reading this article and is very disappointing seeing that a very serious place like this can go so down doing advertising for someone who has not idea about cooking, even he is claiming that he was born in Cuba and raise in Venezuela when he is just Venezuelan I would like that you ask Mr. Vivas how he started on the restaurant business and how successful was after stealing from me and my restaurant, he NEVER on his life has cook and I have proof of being a dishwasher in a restaurant it doesn’t make you a chef and trying to speak as a Cuban person it doesn’t make you a Cuban is easy to have a truck and buy food on can and sell it but the real deal is… Do you really know about cooking? What a shame with you guys

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