Charity Spotlight: Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center

The Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center’s (DNCAC) mission is to prevent abuse, protect children, and heal families. When a parent or guardian suspect their child may be a victim of abuse or trauma, the Center is there to help. The Center’s level of care is so effective that more than 90 percent of children show no clinically significant trauma symptoms after treatment.

Path to healing:

  • At the first sign of abuse, you can receive advice by calling 843-723-3600
  • To establish a clear record of the concern, an interview with your child by one of DNCAC's specially-trained professionals may take place.
  • Your child may receive a medical examination at the Center by a pediatric specialist from MUSC that helps assure your child, and you, that their body is okay.
  • If further assessment is recommended, you and your child meet with staff at the Center to see what, if any, treatment is needed.
  • Children and parents meet with therapists one-on-one to discuss a treatment plan.
  • Tailored treatments have been proven to reduce a child’s symptoms and typically last between 10 and 25 sessions.

Children can and do heal from abuse and trauma. After treatment, a healed child is ready to get back to being a kid. The Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center is proud to have helped more than 26,000 Lowcountry children since opening in 1991.

For more information, visit www.DeeNortonCenter.org/aware. To donate, visit www.deenortoncenter.org/support/donate-now/

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