Charleston Total Solar Eclipse Event Round-up

On Monday, August 21st, Charleston will have a front row seat to this country's first total solar eclipse in 26 years. The Holy City has been prepping for the celestial phenomenon for months and there are MANY different types of viewing events scheduled.

You can see a full list of events below, but first, here are some facts about the eclipse.

  • During a total solar eclipse, the moon completely blocks the sun. Even though the sun is much larger than the moon, each looks to be about the same size when viewed from Earth
  • The total solar eclipse is expected to be visible in Charleston around 2:47 pm
  • The partial eclipse will begin at 1:16 pm
  • The moon will no longer block any portion of the sun by 3:09 pm
  • The partial eclipse will end at 4:09 pm
  • You can get more details at eclipse2017.nasa.gov

Many events will have free solar eclipse glasses, but you can also purchase some beforehand. Click here for a list of places where you can get NASA-approved solar eclipse glasses. You can also buy them from the South Carolina Parks Department. Many Charleston County Public Library branches are giving them out for free, but they are going fast!

Here's the list of events (remember to hit the "next" button at the end of the calendar to see even more events):

Don't forget to click next for more events!

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