The SEED Concert: Solar Eclipse Entertainment and Dance to be held at Mosquito Beach

On August 21st, Preserve The Gullah & CharlestonGOOD will celebrate the total solar eclipse at the Suga Shack on Mosquito Beach. The SEED Concert: Solar Eclipse Entertainment and Dance will be held from noon until 8 pm.

The concert lineup includes local artists​ Halo SSJ​, ​Buddy Bambahda​, ​Mike Martin​, GodMan ENT​, and ​Quis King Soul​. Ticket options can be seen and purchased here.

Proceeds from the event will benefit Preserve the Gullah and their efforts to rejuvenate historic Mosquito Beach.

The Suga Shack on Mosquito Beach is located at 1229 Mosquito Beach Rd.

About Preserve The Gullah

Preserve The Gullah (PTG) was founded in 2015, and focuses on preserving the historical, economical, and ecological legacy of the Gullah culture, providing opportunities for progression to all of its people.

Through various projects and programs, PTG strives to reach its mission and goals of:

● Raising awareness of the historical and ecological relevance of the Mosquito Beach & the Gullah Corridor

● Advocating sustainability, through both progressive and traditional techniques

● Supporting and empowering the community, by promoting the idea of celebrating the lost skills of our past, and bringing them into a modern and sustainable future

For more information on PTG projects from the past and present, please visit: 

To donate before and after the fundraiser, visit:

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