The Nick Price Foundation Hosts 2nd Annual Gold Party on 9/29

The Nick Price Foundation will host their 2nd Annual Gold Party at Republic Garden and Lounge on Friday, September 29th from 6 pm to 9:30 pm. The event serves as a fundraiser to financially support families battling brain tumors and cancer.

Attendees will enjoy live music, drinks (including $5 specialty cocktails), prizes, and more. The event is semi Formal and guests are encouraged to wear gold or black and gold.

100% of the evening's proceeds will go to families battling brain tumors and cancer. The Nick Price Foundation's staff is 100% volunteer.

Nick Price is a senior at Academic Magnet High School who was diagnosed with an exophytic pontine glioma brain tumor on January 29, 2015. His tumor was growing from the brain stem into the 4th ventricle of the brain. This is a very complex, hard to reach tumor in the pons area of the brain stem. This part of the brain controls several vital functions of the body including voice, eyes, arms, legs, swallowing, and breathing. The family traveled the country meeting with several different neurosurgeons trying to find someone who could get to the tumor without causing severe neurological deficits or worse. Two very talented neurosurgeons partnered up to perform Nick's surgery across the country in Phoenix, AZ. Nick had 2 surgeries - 2 days apart to remove the tumor that is now 100% gone. It took him months to recover and now Nick is on a mission to help others. He has started a nonprofit organization called the Nick Price Foundation to financially and emotionally help those that have been diagnosed with a brain tumor or any other cancer. Visit NickPriceFoundation.org for more details.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased here.

Republic Garden and Lounge is located at 462 King Street.

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