SUNDAY: Swig & Swine Hosts Fundraiser For Employees Affected by Fire

On Sunday, October 8th, Swig & Swine Pitmaster Anthony DiBernardo will sell his barbecue to benefit his West Ashley staff. The special event will support the hourly employees affected by the recent fire, which forced the West Ashley location to remain closed this week. 100% of the proceeds will be split equally among his 42 hourly employees.

The sale will be set-up in the parking lot of the West Ashley Swig & Swine from 11 am to 1 pm. The available pork package includes 1 pound of pork, a quart of baked beans, a quart of slaw, and a pint of sauce for $30.

“We hope you will feed your family to help us support our family,” DiBernardo said via a press release. “We have a very loyal team that is sticking with us following this fire. While we are closed, we have a team that can’t come in to work and make money. We hope that this sale will help us as we continue to make efforts to offset some of their bills until we reopen.”

Pre-orders can be made by calling Swig & Swine West Ashley at 843-225-3805 or Swig & Swine Summerville at 843-771-9688. You will be asked to supply your credit card information to secure the order. He will have some packages available for drop-ins.

The restaurant is expected to reopen at some point next week.

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