O2 Fitness Offers to Help Beat The Bird for Thanksgiving

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Before second (and third) helpings of turkey, sweet potatoes and Grandma’s pecan pie, O2 Fitness Clubs is offering a plan to recover from Thanksgiving’s inevitable food coma. In addition to free boot camps on Nov. 23 at its James Island, Park West and Goose Creek locations, O2 fitness experts have five practices to make the holiday more enjoyable.

“On average, we’ve learned that Americans consume up to 4,500 calories, the equivalent of about 229 grams of fat over Thanksgiving Day,” shares O2 Regional Fitness Director Prath Bruton. “While that sounds alarming, we’re here to say that it doesn’t have to wreck your fitness goals with a few easy methods and free Thanksgiving Day classes.”

Five ways to beat the bird from Thanksgiving include:


  1. To burn calories, focus on pace and tempo while working out. Adding an interval training like tabata while spinning or doing resistance training will maximize burning potential.

  2. Eat on a normal schedule. Don’t try to make up for indulging on Thanksgiving by skipping meals, which only causes more hunger and over-eating. Portion control is key.

  3. Make time for frequent exercise, even for 10 minutes each day, especially after Thanksgiving. Start a tradition of family football, tennis or another competitive activity to get the blood flowing and burn calories.

  4. Ditch crash or extremely restricting diets and incorporate nutritional changes like replacing soda with sparkling water or sugar for natural sweeteners. This is particularly useful when rebounding from a big meal.

  5. Relax and enjoy the holidays. Studies show that weight gain can be attributed to long-term stress.

On Thanksgiving Day, O2 Fitness Clubs James Island, Goose Creek and Park West locations will offer free boot camps to beat the bird.

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