How to get to Charleston from anywhere you are

If you are going to visit Charleston and are a holder of a long-term US visa, you will need to hold an EVUS before you enter the United States. Applying for EVUS authorization is now legally required for all Chinese long-term US visa holders. If you are from the People’s Republic of China and hold a long term visa for the USA, you will require to apply for EVUS pre-authorization. Applying for EVUS authorization is not difficult and the whole process is done online. There are even specialized agents who can help you with the full process and will apply for EVUS online for you.

To complete your EVUS application form all you need is your passport and visa details, the form consists of fairly straight forward questions which will ask you about your travel plans to the USA. These questions might be quite difficult, especially if English isn’t your first language, you can get a friend or a professional to help you. Many professional agents can help with your EVUS application and submit it for you on your behalf.

The form is quick to complete and you can complete your EVUS application within a few minutes. The website which hosts the application is also compatible with all mobile devices meaning that you can apply from your mobile phone or tablet. Authorization also comes quickly after your submission, although you should allow at least 72 hours for your approval to arrive. Normally, approval comes just minutes after your EVUS application has been submitted.

EVUS is now a requirement and you must hold authorization before attempting to enter the USA. Authorization is valid for 2 years once you hold it and is valid for multiple entries over this period. Once you hold authorization, you will not need to worry about it for 2 years. If you do not hold EVUS authorization, you risk being denied entry at the border which will make future visa applications difficult. Always ensure that you hold a valid EVUS authorization before you travel to the USA.

Applying to EVUS is simple and just requires filling out a form online. Once you hold your approval you can use it for multiple entries to the USA over a period of 2 years. Getting a professional to fill in your application is a good idea if you are unclear about what you are doing and English isn’t your first language. Filling in your EVUS form isn’t hard and authorization comes quick after your submission.

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