Ill Vibe The Tribe announces Art Binge III: A Quarterly Art Market

On Saturday, December 16th at The Royal American, local curators Ill Vibe the Tribe will close the year with their third installation of their quarterly art market, #ArtBinge.

Art Binge III will the feature the artwork of Sasha Martoni, the jewelry designs of Destini Jihadi, and the popular lapel pins and other adornments of Garbage Humans. In addition, live art will be created by Emily Bamfield through personalized Henna tattoos.

There will also be live performances from Sunny Malin Terraphonics, SistaMisses, and DJ SCrib.

Lastly, Los, a full time boxing coach, will be selling his popular lumpias. Money raised from the food will benefit his non profit that teaches kids the science of boxing.

For more information on Ill Vibe the Tribe visit their website here.

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