Little Jack's Tavern Burger Named Best of the Year

Credit: Little Jack's Tavern (Facebook)

Bon Appetit has chosen the Tavern Burger at Little Jack's Tavern as the country's best of the year. 

Here's what the magazine had to say about the popular menu item:

"I can’t fully explain why or how the Tavern burger reaches such gustatory heights, but I do know that simplicity has a lot to do with it. For a mere $8, a juicy four-ounce, 75/25 meat-to-fat ratio patty made from half chuck, half brisket is griddled, topped with a sunchoke relish that mimics the flavor and texture of long-cooked onions, and is then topped with a gooey slice of American cheese and mayo-based “special” sauce. It’s all tucked inside a super-soft sesame bun, which you can pick up with one hand."

You can see the Bon Appetit article here.

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