Cold Weather Safety Tips

I hope everyone stays warm and safe during this cold snap and expected snow/ice storm. To help ease all of your minds, I'm sharing some cold weather safety tips and information!

First, is the Charleston Police Department's helpful (and potentially life-saving) safety tips (click to enlarge):

Second, SCE&G is announced tips on how you can reduce demands on our electrical system:

  • Turn off all but essential internal and external lights
  • Unplug non-essential appliances and devices
  • Set thermostats to 68 degrees or lower
  • Ensure HVAC vents are open and unobstructed
  • Limit the use of major power-consuming equipment such as dishwashers, washers and dryers.

You can report power outages to SCE&G online http://www.sceg.com/storm, through their mobile device at http://www.sceg.com/mobile, or by calling 1-888-333-4465.

Lastly, please bring in your pets!


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