Best Cruise Ship Casinos in South Carolina

Think of the early days of gambling in the United States, and perhaps your mind goes to crooked games of poker played in rough and ready saloons. Or maybe you conjure up images of steam-boats powering up and down the Mississippi, card sharks mingling with businessmen and prospectors, fortunes won and lost over the course of the journey down that mighty river. These days most of us experience casino play via online casinos like Casumo, but it is still possible to recapture the essence of those early days of gambling by taking a trip to South Carolina. There you will find four floating casinos: cruise ships which offer a wide variety of gaming options. Here players can find a combination of a luxurious cruise down-river with the excitement of real money gambling. 

There are two large cruise ships that depart from Little River, near Myrtle Bay in South Carolina, and these are the Big M Casino Cruise I and II. Both of these vessels cater for upwards of 400 passengers. There are both day and night cruises to choose from, and plenty to sate the appetites of hungry gamblers as you can choose to pay extra to avail of the all-you-can-eat buffet on board. Naturally, you will find a huge selection of slot machines to play. There are also gaming tables with limits to suit all bank balances. That means you can sit down to play blackjack for as little as five bucks a hand, or you can slide on over to the high rollers’ table where stakes range from $50 minimum all the way up to $1,000. Newbies are even treated to lessons on how all the table games work if you manage to turn up 30 minutes before the ship sets sail. 

Another quality water-bound casino is the Carnival Sunshine Casino which sets sail from Charleston. With more than 200 gaming machines and 17 table games to choose from, it promises to make for a very entertaining journey. The ‘Winners’ Luck’ Casino is located on the Promenade Deck, and includes slot games, blackjack, craps, roulette, texas hold em poker and bingo among the games on offer. The progressive jackpots on their slot machines have hit the $1 million barrier in the past, which means that some lucky player could disembark a millionaire if the reels fall right for them. Lessons on how all of the games work are offered before the ship sets sail, meaning that even complete novices will feel comfortable by the time the real action starts. The Sunshine holds regular Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments with some big prizes on offer. Even if gambling is not your thing, there are shows every evening and the cruise ship offers a top-class dining experience too. Not to mention the option to just go up on deck and watch the world glide by. 

The Carnival Ecstasy Casino is a sister to the Sunshine cruiser. The Crystal Palace Casino onboard is a wonder to behold, resplendent in black and silver. Here you will find almost 150 slot machines as well as 15 table games to choose from. These games include roulette, bingo, Texas hold em, craps and blackjack. The slots feature a progressive jackpot, and the casino operates every time the cruise ship ventures into international waters. Regular visitors may want to take advantage of the Carnival Players’ Club - also available with the Sunshine cruise ship. By accumulating points by playing, you can earn real money cash prizes as well as complimentary drinks and offers on future cruises. The ship also boasts gym facilities, shopping, spa treatments, fine dining and nightly entertainment. Get on board and you will feel like you have been taken to another world. 

As you can tell, the facilities on board the modern cruise ship casinos are a rather an upgrade on what was available to gamblers at the end of the nineteenth century. Considerably less chance of being fleeced by a card sharp with extra aces up his sleeves, or of becoming embroiled in a gun battle! Instead, you can glide down the river aboard beautifully upholstered cruise ships where every creature comfort is taken care of. This truly adds an extra dimension to an evening at the casino, and makes for a fantastic getaway for a couple of nights or even a week. Many people choose to take a weeks vacation, visiting the casino by night and enjoying the myriad other features on offer during the day. Once you have experienced life aboard these delightful casino cruise ships, you may find yourself returning again and again. 

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