Give'em a Blue Ribbon: Recovery Room is Once Again the World's Top Seller of PBR Cans

Credit: Recovery Room

Downtown dive bar The Recovery Room today announced that during 2017, it sold more 12-oz. cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon than any bar in the WORLD. This is the fourth straight year the Rec Room has earned this boozy designation.

The news, which the bar shared on Facebook, was confirmed by Jillian Cunningham, Charleston's PBR Field Marketing Representative. Cunningham said the Recovery Room also ranked third in overall sales of the beer. The Tiger Tavern in Clemson was No. 1, while the and Sundown Saloon in Boulder, CO was second.

Here's what The Recovery Room had to say on Facebook:

HOLY SHIT! Numbers in from PABST! Once again the Recovery Room and the People of Charleston are the #1 Drinkers of PBR Cans In the World!! Thank you to everyone who came in for a beer all year! Lets go for 5 Years in a Row!

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