PBR's Dirty Southeast Music Festival Returns for Volume 3

Next month, Pabst Blue Ribbon's Dirty Southeast Music Festival returns to the Holy City for the third consecutive year. The event will take place over seven days and will include seven performances featuring multiple bands and venues.

The music festival's schedule is as follows:

  • March 5th
    • Crazy Town, Davey Suicide, Loaded Guns, Vacation State, Riot Stares
    • 7 pm at The Purple Buffalo
    • $10
  • March 6th
    • The Royal Tinfoil
    • 10 pm at Recovery Room
    • Free
  • March 7th
    • Derpot, Old 52, Harry Chronic Jr.
    • 9 pm at Burns Alley Tavern
    • Free
  • March 8th
    • Modern Fires, hearts on fire SC, Vorhees
    • 9 pm at The Sparrow
    • Free
  • March 9th
    • Secret Guest, Matt Monday
    • 9 pm at Tin Roof
    • Free
  • March 10th
    • Zion I, Lespecial, Terraphonics
    • 9 pm at the Pour House
    • $10
  • March 13th
    • CUSSES, Drunk Couples
    • 10 pm at the Rec Room
    • Free

For more information, visit the Facebook event page.

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