Camp Happy Days to Deliver Valentine Gifts to Children Battling Cancer at MUSC Children’s Hospital

***UPDATE*** - This event is on hold due to the hospital's flu precautions.

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On Wednesday, February 14th, Camp Happy Days (CHD) will visit kids at MUSC Children’s Hospital with a special Valentine’s Day surprise. Every year during CHD’s Valentine’s visit, children and teens are gifted a stuffed animal and a handmade card filled with wishes of love and encouragement. CHD will arrive at the MUSC Children’s Hospital at 1 pm.

“Delivering surprises to these children on Valentine’s Day is so special,” Cindy Hay Johnson, Director of Camp Happy Days, said via a press release. ”It warms the hearts of the medical staff and CHD staff to know that something so little could have such a big impact on the kids.”

If you’re interested in spreading love to children battling cancer for Valentine’s Day, please consider donating at CampHappyDays.org or contact Jennifer Wilson at [email protected]

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