Félix Releases Valentine's Day Menu

This Valentine's Day, Félix Cocktails et Cuisine, the Parisian-inspired cocktail bar on upper King Street, will be offering a special menu. Here's what they'll be offering:

  • Oysters: Trout Roe, Elderflower Vinegar Foam - $24 for six
  • Salad d’Automne: butter lettuce, pear, fennel, soft herbs, walnut, lavender brie, champagne vinaigrette - $12
  • Slow Roasted Beets: blood orange, pickled melon, radicchio, ricotta, mustard seed vinaigrette - $10
  • Fromage Fort: seasonal French cheeses, radish, honeycomb, toast - $8
  • Soup a l’Oignon: melted onion, gruyere, baguette, chive - $9
  • Steak Tartare: Sunchoke-Camembert Cream, Celery, Apple, Pine Nuts, farm yolk, Sunchoke Chips - $15
  • Vol au Vent d’ Escargot: Caramelized Leek Béchamel, Chervil - $14
  • Fermented Kerchief Pasta: Smoked Trumpet Mushroom, Poached Egg, Almond, Brown Butter - $16
  • Gnocchi a la Grand-Mere: caramelized celeriac puree, fennel, lamb bolognaise, broccoli rabe, parmesan - $18
  • Pan Seared Poisson: seasonal fish, saffron broth, piperade, yogurt, zucchini, smoked olive oil, za’atar - $mkt
  • Petit Sirloin Steak: pommes Pont Neuf, sauce au raifort, fines herbs - $19
  • Grass-Fed Burger: caramelized onion, truffle dijonnaise, raclette, sesame bun - $15

Félix Cocktails et Cuisine is located at 550 King Street. Visit their website for more information.

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