Putting Up a Fight Against the C-Word with Eric Lefkofsky

Such a complex monster, cancer is one C-word that people fear in all walks of life. It is a terrible illness that essentially tricks the body into fighting the normal functions and processes, preventing the body from shutting down this terrible disease.

When approaching a battle against the monster known as cancer, Eric Lefkofsky has had quite the time trying to find a better and more efficient way to fight. Being the CEO and founder of Tempus Labs, Lefkofsky has been looking for ways to improve the overall diagnosis of cancer in patients. Through various programs and ideas, his option gathers, organizes, and cleans the data from the cancer patients worldwide, then collaborates this data with the leading academic institutions in the world which specialize in cancer treatment. The overall goal of Tempus is to provide more personalized care during the cancer treatment and therapy.

The paradigms for each patient have been saved right in their medical records, but the access of the patient data storage has lacked in various places. This simply means that there are many forms of data out there about cancer treatment that physicians could learn from. However, since they cannot access that data, it is almost useless. This was the idea behind the creation of Tempus, which is a company that specializes in gathering this data. The company works hard to ensure that the data is gathered and stored to find patterns and common things that could vastly change the way cancer treatment is handled.

Molecular and clinical data are the two types that are gathered through Tempus. Lefkofsky and his team work diligently to provide the data that is needed to focus on genes, DNA sequences, and genomic data to help find more information.

The term “personalized medicine” comes up with talking about Tempus because through this company; each patient is given a gene-sequencing option that helps provide more customized care and information. This is noted to be a huge change in the way cancer is looked at in the medical world, especially as oncology beings to study the disease in a new light.

Lefkofsky and Tempus creating this goal to help people get more on board with oncology and use their new platform to gather the data they need to analyze the patients in their care. They want to provide personalized care for each cancer patient in the hopes that something new can be accomplished and considered.

While Tempus isn’t Lefkofsky’s only venture, it is his largest, taking up much of his time. It even hits close to home for him. Overall, Tempus is a company that aims to use the likes of big data analysis to change the way that cancer treatment is conducted in the world. The company hopes to combine things like science and technology to provide advancements in therapies and treatments that the world has never seen before. Instead of looking through disorganized data, Tempus works behind the scenes to organize and clean the data before putting it in the hands of the scientists to analyze. They look through DNA and RNA sequences to find patterns and common items in cancer patients that might revolutionize the care and treatment of this horrible disease. Eric Lefkofsky has put his venture to good use, and Tempus is set to be a huge improvement in the fight against cancer.

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