Sorghum & Salt Now Offering Dim Sum (Sort of)

Downtown restaurant Sorghum & Salt has expanded its menu to include the "Dim Sum (Sort of)" section, featuring smaller dim sum sized portions.

“The idea is for diners to be able to sample more dishes,” chef and owner Tres Jackson said via a release. “Our food is meant to be mix and matched and shared, so this dim sum format allows guests to more easily do that.”

Guests should not expect traditional dim sum items - current offerings include biscuits and gravy with crawfish, coconut milk, celery, and red chili; green tea noodles with 6-minute egg, broccolini, and ginger; and polenta cake with street corn, blue cheese, sambal, and romesco aioli.

Like the rest of the menu, the new section will change frequently. Dim sum menu items range in price from 5 to 10 dollars.

Sorghum & Salt is located at 186 Coming Street. You can learn more at

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