Qatar Roadshow in Charleston this Weekend

As the world begins to set its eyes toward the 2018 World Cup, the host for the event’s 2022 playing – Qatar – is inviting folks from all over the greater Charleston area to come and experience everything that this unique country has to offer, with the next stop on the “Qatar Roadshow.” Complete with interactive sporting elements, a taste of Qatari food, and a look at its cinematic legacy, the Roadshow will open up the eyes to all those who attend.

Qatar Roadshow, a two-day experiential event showcasing unique aspects of Qatari culture, such as:

  • Full Soccer Pitch
    • This temporary pitch, complete with adidas balls, and full-size soccer goals will allow visitors to test their skills in anticipation for World Cup 2022
  • Cinema Trailer
    • Guests will be able to get to see what the venues for 2022 will look like through this theater with stadium seating and touch-screen tables featuring tours of each stadium
  • Souq Waqif Market
    • Arabic coffee and dates will available for guests to sample
    • Displays featuring some of authentic Qatari art and architecture
    • A photo opportunity where guests can take a photo with a 3D “QATAR” sign
  • Doha Film Institute
    • Some of DFI’s latest films and recent accolades will be feature, showcasing the history of this iconic institute which has spurred numerous cinematic visionaries
  • Qatar Investment Authority
    • A display featuring cities with QIA properties all over the globe
  • Qatar Foundation
    • Highlighting the numerous research, education, and community development works from the organization

The Roadshow will be held at MUSC Health Stadium on both Saturday, April 14th and Sunday, April 15th. The events runs from 11 am to 6 pm each day.

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