CARTA Announces Revised Services Related to Wando Bridge Closure

CARTA will amend routes and provide extra service during the Wando Bridge closure. The changes include servicing water taxi locations and offering extra park-and-ride locations east of the Cooper River

Some east-west routes have been separated to limit impacts on other parts of the system. All changes will go into effect Monday, May 21. Updates will be posted at www.ridecarta.com/wandobridgeupdates.


Express 2 serving Mt. Pleasant

  • Schedule has been modified to accommodate additional traffic
  • Service will operate every 30 minutes during peak hours (5:45 AM to 9:45 AM; 3 PM to 8 PM); every 60 minutes throughout the rest of the day, Monday – Friday
  • Additional stops offered at Mt. Pleasant Towne Center (Hungry Neck Boulevard/Theatre Drive) and Waterfront Park as Park & Ride locations
  • Note: These changes supersede the regular schedule

Express 2 serving West Ashley

  • Service will operate as regularly scheduled

Route 40: Mt. Pleasant

  • An extra vehicle will run on Route 40 to mitigate traffic impacts
  • Will operate approximately every 40 minutes, Monday – Friday, from 6:20 AM to 10:15 PM

Route 41: Wando Walmart to Water Taxi and Mt. Pleasant Pier

  • Operates approximately every 30 minutes during peak hours (7 to 10 AM and 3:30 to 7 PM) and every 60 minutes throughout the rest of the day, Monday – Friday
  • Route will turn around at Charleston Harbor Marina & Resort, connecting to the Charleston Water Taxi terminal
  • Transfers to downtown Charleston will be available via Route 40 at Mt. Pleasant Town Hall and via Express 2 at Waterfront Park and Wando Crossing Walmart

Route 204: MUSC-Calhoun Circulator

  • Route has been extended to Charleston Water Taxi terminal at Joe Riley Waterfront Park
  • Operates approximately every 45 minutes, Monday – Friday
  • Route will deviate south on East Bay Street from Market Street to serve Joe Riley Waterfront Park and will continue north on Concord Street to return to regular route

 CARTA DASH Rt. 210: CofC / Aquarium

  • Modified to serve Charleston Water Taxi terminal  at the Maritime Center and the MUSC campus
  • Travels via Calhoun St. in both directions with its only stop at CofC at Calhoun St/St. Philip St.
  • Operates approximately every 30 minutes throughout the day,Monday – Friday starting at 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM

 Route 30: Citadel Mall

  • Schedule has been modified to operate independent of the Route 40
  • Service will depart from downtown Transit Mall at 15 minutes after the hour

Note: No weekend service changes at this time


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