Lowcountry Oyster Company Opens as Largest Floating Cage Oyster Farm in SC

Lowcountry Oyster Company (Lowco Oysters) in Green Pond, SC today announced its opening, making it the largest floating cage oyster farm in the state. Charleston Locals Trey “Cricket” McMillan and Malcolm Jenkins created the sustainable farm that focuses on protecting the wild oyster population and providing a “creek-to-table” product.

Lowco Oysters will supply single oysters to individuals and restaurants all over the country. The farm has 750 floating oyster cages with plans to quadruple in size over the next five years. Floating oyster cages stay on top of the water column keeping the oysters submerged for the majority of their lives. It's considered the most cutting-edge method of raising oysters and is perfectly suited for South Carolina's large tidal range. This method allows oysters to be consumed all year round.

The business is committed to sustainability as all oyster seed is purchased from other local oyster farms. Using hatchery-raised seed takes pressure off of the dwindling wild oyster stock due to overfishing, changing climate, increased pollution, and runoff. Oysters filter up to fifty gallons of water a day, reintroducing clean water into the ACE Basin.

Lowco Oysters is located at 15833 Bennetts Point Road in Green Pond. Visit their website for more information.

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