Lowcountry Flower Growers Hosts Floral Design Challenge at Charleston Farmers Market

From 10 am to noon on Saturday, June 30th at the Charleston Farmers Market, the Lowcountry Flower Growers will be celebrating American Flowers Week with their first annual Bloom Battle. Three local floral designers will compete in three different design challenges using flowers grown by Lowcountry flower farmers.

American Flowers Week (June 28th - July 4th) is a celebration of domestic flowers dedicated to raising consumer awareness and uniting America’s flower farmers with the U.S. floral industry. Flower farmers and designers across the country host events and campaigns to encourage the public to learn about the origins of their flowers.

Lowcountry Flower Growers is a coalition of coastal South Carolina flower farmers committed to growing local, sustainable flowers for florists, events, and their communities. Their mission is to educate the Lowcountry about locally-grown flowers, serve as a resource to florists and floral designers, and support their fellow farmers through networking, education, and mentoring opportunities.

Learn more about American Flowers Week at www.slowflowers.com

Learn more about Lowcountry Flower Growers at https://lowcountryflowergrowers.org/


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