Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary Hosts Laps for Love Fundraiser for 3 Dogs Needing Surgery

On Saturday, August 25th, three members of the Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary family will swim laps in the Stono Ferry Pool to cover the cost of orthopedic surgeries for three of Hallie Hill's pups - Jax, Minnie and Precious. All three of these dogs are in need of orthopedic surgeries to help relieve pain and help them live a happier life. 

Jax is a six-year-old mastiff mix who is in need of ACL surgery. Precious is a 5-year-old poodle mix who recently broke the two bones in her front leg. Minnie is an eleven-year-old bulldog mix who is also in need of ACL surgery.

Now through August 25th, the community can sponsor a swimmer by either giving a set donation or by pledging to donate a specific amount per lamp swam. To get involved and to make a donation for Laps for Love, visit the official website.
About Hallie Hill
Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary is a 501c3 that provides a safe haven for animals with no other home or shelter. We prepare animals for adoption by providing respite, rehabilitation and socialization. For those animals whose chances of adoption are reduced due to age, medical or emotional issues, Hallie Hill provides a loving Forever Home with the proper shelter, nutrition and medical care.
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