Charleston-made Edible Crickets Now Available Online

Jiminy Co., the company that makes "alternative food for adventurous people,” recently announced the launch of their new website selling nutrient rich cricket products online. The company was founded by three sisters from Charleston.

Since its inception in 2016, Jiminy Co. products have only been available at Charleston area farmers’ markets (downtown, James Island and Folly Beach), but the new online store will give people around the world an opportunity to buy products like “Cricket Crunch Granola,” the company's best seller.

Cricket Crunch Granola (below) is gluten free, organic, made with local Bulls Bay Sea Salt, and flavored with Honey, nuts, and oats. The business strives to provide edible insect products to the ever-growing population as well as promote and educate about entomophagy.

Why crickets? They are a sustainable source of animal protein that is high in iron, B Vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

“We want to share with Charleston, and anyone who has an open mind, our environmentally wise lifestyle," founders Gabrielle, Alexandra, and Victoria Barons said. "We hope to transition people into eating an alternative source of protein, one that is sustainable, healthy and of course with our product, delicious.”

You can see their new online store here.

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